Tanzansich(ten) 2020, online performance event, Zoom, Alfter/Bonn/Köln with Judith Mattelé, Christina Querfurt, Eszter Szöke, Celine Gruner


Performance-Event during the pandemic times. Six dancers, 5 different spaces, questioning our relation to our bodies, spaces and how we move in privacy and public. Furthermore challenging our understanding of stages: what if we perform at home, the train or even in the middle of the street? How can we find together when we have never been so far away from each other?

Transcultural mensa 2021, project at the FREE RADICALS program of FLOATING BERLIN, as part of the TRANSCULTURAL MENSA COLLECTIVE in Berlin, Photos by Carl Hartmann and Bernardita Bennett


How can we use the flat hierarchy of the Mensa  table to find new ways of getting together?

“We see the Mensa as a social space, the node in a workday. The encounters with other humans, thoughts and food have the potential to transform. Are we organizing the next strike? Are we telling our secrets? Do we taste what season it is? → re-think mensa
The transcultural Mensa is made to transform us, not to perform one’s duty. We will start a collective process. At floating [University] we want to start learning from each other and all those who might enter this flow of transculturality. We are there and everywhere, ghost of the Mensa utopia. The feared curse of standardised relations and time-honoured institutions.” – TMC-collective