Eine Reinigungsperformance 2022, video stills / documentation of performance by Ricardo Preciado


Is there a burden that you carry with you that you would like to let go of? 
During this performance movements are performed that imitate a squeezing, draining, twisting, extending of the body, as if it was a dirty textile to cleansed. The bodies are the to-be-cleansed as well as the cleaning medium itself and so is the collective body of performers; lined up in a row they form the river that runs through the space and through their body itself.

Eine Reinigungsperformance is part of the project DU KANNST DAS TRAGEN of the MFA program PUBLIC ART AND NEW ARTISTIC STRATEGIES.

Performer: Belén Arellano Cañizares, Bernardita Bennett, Lucía González Gaitán, Jonathan Joosten, Nađa Kračunović, Laura Leal, Fabienne Margue, Natalia Castillo Rincon.